ArtIST (Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science) is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to design and implement innovative Master-level modules integrating Arts in the education of innovation, entrepreneurship and science.
ArtIST contributes to the development and modernization of relevant STE(A)M subjects in multidisciplinary programs, such as business, innovation and entrepreneurship.
This innovative project contributes to develop multidisciplinary programs mixing arts and technology, hard and soft skills accompanied by entrepreneurial and business training. The programs are based on creativity techniques, design-driven methods, and modern IoT and ICT tools in teaching and learning practices.

The Challenge:
The challenge is to contribute to the development and modernization of relevant STE(A)M subjects in multi-disciplinary programs, such as business, innovation and entrepreneurship. STE(A)M is an emergent educa-tional approach to learning Science, Technology, Engi-neering, the Arts and Mathematics that promotes stu-dents’ creative problem solving, flexibility and commu-nication. STE(A)M brings STEM learning to a higher level and offers a more holistic understanding of our world. STE(A)M approach enables students to build necessary skillset for a successful future and become well-equipped for solving complex challenges of tomor-row.

Target Groups/Clients:
Teachers and students. Teachers can mix and match STE(A)M modules based on the needs of the educa-tion process, and students can use courses as Lego blocks and build their competence profile based on preferable new skills.

The solution proposed by the project is an innovative and free online course that blends STEM, Arts, Innova-tion, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. The course is thoughtfully structured into thematic blocks that guide the learner through the exciting world of interdiscipli-nary thinking and the powerful convergence of sci-ence, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, and innova-tion management subjects.

The course is structured to engage learners with con-tent-rich online lectures, optional assignments with practical tools for applying the course concepts and online artistic exploration tasks, which together create an immersive and exciting journey toward Art and In-novation.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Demonstrate Understanding of STEAM;
Apply Arts for Innovation;
Cultivate Future-Oriented Competencies;
Employ Unconventional Problem-Solving Techniques;
Generate Creative and Entrepreneurial Ventures;
Harness Arts for Effective Communication.