CIP Learning Kit

This Learning Kit is an extensive resource designed to support your development as a Cultural Innopreneur. It offers a collection of eight training modules aimed at enhancing creative and professional skills. Each modules provides textual and multimedia content, along with practical insight and activities to foster essential competences, making it an invaluable tool to kickstart your Cultural Innopreneur journey.

2Develop Creativity

Nurture creativity through increasing curiosity, lateral thinking, and creative habits.

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Design Thinking

A structured approach to creative and user-centric design process.

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Problem Solving and Need Recognition Techniques

Entrepreneur’s thought process on problem solving and identifying gaps and opportunities. 

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Communication and Conflict Management through Art

Facilitate effective, non-violent communication through acting and role-playing. 

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Culture InnoPreneur

when innovation, entrepreneurship, education and culture meet

Competence Oriented Learning and Validation

A form of learning adapted to the needs of today.  

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Event Recreation Management

Organize cultural events to generate innovative ideas, new artistic expressions and cultural practices.

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Creative Storytelling for Innovative Entrepreneurship

Using storytelling competences as a model for creativity skills for innovation and social cohesion.

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Storytelling for Community Development

Understand how storyteller and artist serve as both a custodian and a catalyst, wielding narratives as tools for community unity and transformation.

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Art, culture, and adult education professionals who aspire to develop and deliver CIP training can access CIP MOODLE for in-depth modules on: Facilitation on Design Thinking, Competence-Oriented Learning and Validation,  Open Educational Resource, and CIP LEVEL5 Certification Pathway.