Event Recreation Management

Event management is very important for cultural innovation and entrepreneurship support. 

Cultural events provide a platform for creativity, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. They bring together diverse individuals, artists, and communities. Organizing cultural events, can generate innovative ideas, leading to new artistic expressions, designs, and cultural practices. Events encourage experimentation, pushing boundaries, and challenging conventional norms. They inspire artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to think differently and explore novel approaches. They facilitate intercultural interactions, promoting a rich mix of traditions, perspectives and influences, with the area of recreation, participatory culture and cultural democracy being increasingly explored at events as a way of integrating audiences and differentiating events, leading to unique and memorable experiences. Cultural events can also boost local economies by attracting tourists, generating revenue, and creating jobs. 

Event management skills are essential for entrepreneurs organizing product launches, workshops, conferences, or art exhibitions. Effective planning, marketing, and execution are critical for success.

1. Analyze the main pillars of recreation by watching and exploring a film “Freedom Writers”, considering:

  • Problem and context.
  • Strategies for action.
  • Role of the educational agent.
  • Results and evaluation.

2. After analysing and discussing the movie select words that can characterize the recreation and then analyse definitions various authors about recreation.

3. Finally, analysing and discussing dimensions of recreation: educational, cultural, social, articulating them with event management.

4. Research the principal cultural and artistic resources of your region (artifacts, gastronomy, arts, …).

5. Research the events in your region and enhance economic and tourism development:

  • List of events in your region (most important)
  • Select the one most relevant, and make a brief description, accompanied by. photos or promotional videos.
  • List recreation activities at the Event.
A selections of videos for this module

Animarte or Andanças
Daniela Amorim, Event Manager Teacher, School of Tourism and Maritime Technology, Polytechnic of Leiria

Animarte is an event held at the School of Tourism and Maritime Technology, Polytechnic of Leiria, organized in the 2nd year of the degree course in Tourist Recreation, within the scope of the subjects of Cultural Management and Digital Communication in Tourism, taught by teachers Daniela Amorim and Rita Pimenta.
This event’s main purposes are to promote the area of tourist entertainment intervention, where the participant has the possibility of experiencing various activities and workshops, led by professionals and/or students specialized in different areas, namely educational, cultural, environmental, artistic and sports.
This event is also intended to promote and establish institutional relationships with local companies and businesses, as well as to make ESTM known to secondary and professional education students in the region. This event took place on November 10th, from 10am to 5pm.

Andanças is organized by the PédeXumbo Association; It was held for the first time in 1996, in Carvalhais (São Pedro do Sul), in 2012 it started to be held in Celorico da Beira, from 2013 to 2018 in Castelo de Vide, and 2021-2022 in Reguendo de Monsaraz.
Objectives: To promote popular music and dance, both Portuguese and international; and recover musical and choreographic traditions, complementing them with contemporary elements.
Principal attractions: dance and music, considered by the festival’s organization, privileged means of learning and interchange between generations, knowledge and cultures.

Andanças brings together people from all over the world every year, based on a spirit of sharing, meeting and sustainable practices.
It is an alternative to other summer festivals, where people dance, make music, experiment, and share and exchange proposals and ideas for a better world.
It is a festival for any age group, and a varied public, from family to friends, and to isolated people who yearn for a singular and unique experience.
This festival attracts tourists both nationally and internationally, with an estimated 20,000 participants in each edition.

Animarte Gallery

PYOE: Plan Your Own Event


Taking into account what you have already learned about cultural events and the importance of creativity and participatory methodologies plan a recreation programme event with 4/5 activities that promotes the cultural and artistic resources of your region.

Recreation Programme Event

  • Title
  • Objectives
  • Activities and Description
  • Date, time, and place for which activities
  • Resources: human, material, and financial
  • Indicates which are the local impacts with the implementation of this cultural event

Taking into account the learning about events and recreation, do a reflection about the importance of recreation and arts in events, and identify events in your country with creative, dynamic, and interactive attractions that explore the participatory methodology.

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