Competence Oriented Learning and Validation Approach (R1)

The CIP Competence Oriented Learning and Validation Approach was created to list and describe the competences needed for cultural professionals, artists and adult educators (the target group) to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to create new services, learning offers and projects that better suit the needs and context of their audiences in the new socio-cultural context.

Continuous Professional Develop Concept (R2)

The CIP Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Concept Report serves as a guide for those looking to develop CIP CPD training programs. It outlines a structured course aimed at enhancing creativity, entrepreneurial mindset, and storytelling skills for entrepreneurs, artists, and adult education professionals. The report details a four-stage approach: online preliminary phase, face-to-face workshop, practical follow-up, and self-competence validation using LEVEL5 criteria. It includes necessary planning templates and addresses unique challenges for each target group, ensuring effective and contextualized creative facilitation

Pilot Implementation Report (R2)

The CIP Pilot Implementation Report presents the results of 18 innovative learning projects, blending art, culture, and private sector approaches into professional development. It provides key insights, methodologies, and practical templates for implementing CIP training programs.

CIP Flyer

The CIP flyer is available to download in English, as well as Dutch, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese.