The 'O' Project

The NGO ‘Thessaloniki Brand’ ( presents a two-day music festival that will take place March 1, 2 at Block 33. New artists, DJs and Stand-up comedians who have never had the opportunity to go on stage or people who want a chance to hear them and for the world to recognize them, they will emerge. In fact, there will be a favorite artist or artistic group that will be awarded after an evaluation by the public. This event will culminate in a big music party, with well-known artists in the field who will be there both to support the newcomers and to entertain the attendees. Additional guests will be qualified people in the field such as composers, radio producers, representatives of record companies, bookers, etc. to approach new talent, with free will, from personal assessment and not set appointments.

The Challenge:
The purpose of the festival is the promotion and readability of new talents. “The O Project” seeks to foster partnerships that extend beyond the festival, providing a launching pad for promising careers. After all, Thessaloniki Brand will stand by the best, support them and help them in the career that everyone dreams of.

Target Groups/Clients:
A total of 28 artists will participate, 14 each night. Of which there will be artists and artistic groups of all musical genres, DJs and Stand-up comedians.

One of the expected results is to create partnerships between participants with qualified people in the field to help them start their careers.

What makes this event special is the active participation of the public, who will have the unique opportunity to evaluate and choose their favorite artists. The highlight of the festival will be a music party with Hypochthonio and DJ Soto Moto rallying behind the newcomers, fostering personal relationships with industry professionals such as composers, production companies, record labels, journalists, lyricists, managers and bookers.

The aim of the event is to attract a large number of people, not only from the host city but also from the wider region where the festival takes place. With a vision to become an institution, the festival aspires to nurture new talent annually, establishing itself as a vital space for artistic development in the entertainment and entertainment industry. Set in Thessaloniki, the festival aims to attract a diverse audience, uniting music, entertainment and talent scouts for an unforgettable celebration of creativity for the next wave of artistic brilliance.

Contact person:
Lefteris Kallinikidis,